North Lakes Tattoo Show

Welcome to the historic border city of Carlisle the home of the Tenth north lakes tattoo convention, the show will be held in the shepherds inn on the 5th,6th and 7th of April 2019, the venue is only 1 minute off the m6 (junction 43) and is in walking distance from a premier travel lodge and many b&bs,restaurants, and pubs, Top tattoo artists from all over the UK ,Europe and other parts of the world,click onto there links on the left hand side to check out the quality that will be on show and if you want to contact them for some ink work at the show,

The show is held over two days, the cream of tattoo artists from all over the Globe will be in attendance, the first of its kind in this area, Carlisle lies on the border of Scotland and is only thirty minutes from the lake district click on the link of the artist you prefer and you make a booking with them for this show Doors open 11.00 am till 10.00 pm Saturday. Doors open 11.00 am till 10.00 pm Sunday.bars are open all day and food is available at all times. in all a very entertaining weekend.

North Lakes Tattoo Show Facebook Group will Keep You Updated on a daily basis on the artist that are working,photos of there recent work and available bookings with them